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Arben Vrushi

Lindita Vrushi

Arjodita Mustali

Arsid Rraboshta

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Nenna Manufactory stemmed from its founders’ desire and meticulous manufacturing practices to create a natural, water-free product whose origins could easily be traced down to the molecular level if needed.


The beauty of the Albanian natural heritage shelter is meant to be shared!

Nenna Manufactory offers natural and water-free products sourced from pristine Albanian mountains and peaks, certifying them with the best international certificates such as ISO 9001:2015 and NATRUE.


Applying specific ISO standards to every product manufactured provides complete assurance of quality control. Our processes are in strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Achieving NATRUE certification means:


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Sustainable production method
  • Environmentally friendly practice
  • Lack of synthetic colors and fragrances
  • Lack of oils and silicon derivatives from petrochemical products
  • No animal testing
  • There is no irradiation of the final products or herbal ingredients
Nenna Manufactury

Our Team

Megi Pashollari
Department R&D

Gledis Perleka
Department R&D

Xhon Vrushi
Project Engineer (IT)

Anxhela Gjata
Production Manager

Jona Terziu
Finance Department

Anjeza Jonuzi
Marketing Management

Qazim Duro
Mechatronic Engineer

Haxhire Salla
Production Operator

Fatmira Gjata
Production Operator

Adelina Musta
Production Operator

Lefterije Samurri
Production Operator