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Waterless Products- to a healthy skin and clean planet!

Waterless Products- to a healthy skin and clean planet! 


  • What are Waterless products for skin and hair?


Simply put and as straightforward as the term itself, Water-free products for skin and hair do not contain any water in their formulations. Otherwise, these formulations or products are known as anhydrous or Water-free.


Such products seem paradoxical at first since Water-free and hygiene do not “blend well” in our heads. We instinctively associate Water with cleanliness, health and well-being.

After all, we associate the presence of Water with good hygiene, but how is it possible that Waterless products are considered an optimal solution for our hygiene, skin care and health?


  • Why this craze and hype for more and more Water in products?


In a moment, as you get to go through the the following figures, you will understand why the word choice “craze and hype” is more than appropriate and fitting to the said phenomenon.


According to this article published by Natrue, typical cosmetic products contain about 65%-80% water, so the vast majority of the formula consists of water.

The article further provides information that products designed for cleansing and washing such as facial cleansers, body shampoos, face washes and the like, contain up to 95% water.


As regular consumers of these products, we are left with a few questions: why should my product contain 95% water when I am supposed to activate or rinse the product with water anyway?

Why should there be so much water in my product’s formula when I can provide the said water content myself in the form of running water?

Moreover, all this Water must come from somewhere… even though it is an inexhaustible natural resource, countries all over the world encounter drought periods at least once annually during dry summers. 

In some countries, the drought periods last longer taking the shape of drought or water crisis, while the lack of access to drinking water is most painful.


To answer the first question, this massive amount of water in our typical personal care products plays the role of the solvent to the rest of the ingredients. 


These other ingredients comprising 5%-35% of the product are responsible for the benefits and qualities the product is marketed for.


So, in other words, the Water does not add to the benefits of the product, nor does it play any boosting role.

It is simply a carrier of other ingredients, and in fact, a cheap one, though precious for life on Earth.


The above fact gives way to our questions and doubts as users of these products as to why “much water about nothing”.


  • Are Waterless formulations for skin and hair possible?


Yes, and these formulations are not a recent discovery.

Waterless formulations are ancient formulations known for their healing properties.

These formulations are regaining attention among chemsist, scientitsts and skincare avids due to production technology advances enhancing their benefits.


Also, this “coming back” of Waterless or Water-free products owes to the spread of worldwide awareness on Water reserves and pollution.


According to this report on Waterless products market and its perspective, sales of Waterless cosmetics according to Future Market Insight (FMI) are predicted to record à CAGR of 13.3% in 2021-2031.


Water-free products come in different formulations where Water as a solvent is replaced by other solvents such as oils or waxes enriching the formula by introducing their own benefits while increasing the product’s lifespan.


  • What are the advantages of Waterless skin and hair products?


Some benefits of Waterless cosmetic products mentioned here by Natrue are:


  • Enhanced benefits and performance of the product applied to the skin or hair
  • Higher concentration of active ingredients
  • Longer shelf life of the product due to the lack of water
  • Products last longer since a little goes a long way 
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for synthetic chemical compounds to maintain the integrity of the product since the lack of water makes them unnecessary


Thus, Waterless formulations tend to be Natural or Organic once Water is replaced with other solvents.


  • How do these products support Sustainability, life on Earth and our health?


Major global companies such as L’Oréal, Unilever, Procter & Gamble are following the Blue Gold (Water), pledging to increase sustainability by reducing water consumption, according to the Cosmetics Business article.


On the other hand, according to the Guardian article, 1 out of 9 people worldwide does not have access to drinking water.


Meanwhile, in another article by the Guardian, it is shown that even the current global natural reserves of drinking water are more polluted than before, making it less usable and endangering the lives of communities that are now using increasingly polluted water.


In addition, the production and packaging of Waterless products is more efficient. Being smaller in size, they also last longer, so they produce relatively less packaging waste.

Transportation is also carried out more efficiently, counting less rounds for more product units.

These indicators each simultaneously reduce the carbon footprint.


Common cosmetics products, according to this source, produce about 120 billion units of packaging, of which less than 10% is recycled.


  • Where can we find these products?


The most effective Waterless formulations are those that derive their benefits from Plant Extracts produced with green technology.


These Plant Extracts become part of various formulations creating Waterless end products for skin and hair.


Thus, the Waterless end product has the benefits of the natural plant extract itself, plus the benefits of the hydrophobic solvent, such as cold-pressed oils or beeswax.


Nenna Manufactory is the only manufactory in Albania that produces these Waterless product formulations for skin, scalp and hair.


You can find the products at our Showroom in Elbasan, Mengël, as well as in Tirana at Sihana Cosmetics and Blerta Farmaci.


For any further question or information, feel free to contact us anytime!