Meeting with the Community of Nature Lovers

Meeting with the Community of Nature Lovers! 18 June 2022

Meeting with the Community of those who love Nature!

The tradition of Nenna Manufactory Showroom meetings just started!

A simple formula – people who love Nature and Natural products come together with the creators of these products at Nenna Manufactory and visit together the Production Department and the Showroom where the products are displayed.

But why all this fuss about Nature?

Because Nature never disappoints.
Everything healthy starts from it.
Nature always has the answers to our skin, body, or mind concerns.
Natural products have been, since ancient times, the channel of communication with the benefits and gifts of Nature.
The technology of Natural products is pro-Nature, clean, and green.
Natural products are innovative and are for everyone.
Natural products have long-term benefits and do not cause side effects.
Natural products reconnect us with Nature and the most human side within us.

At the Nenna Manufactory Showroom meeting on 18 June 2022, we shared with you some of the most valuable values โ€‹โ€‹of Nature and Technology based on your questions during the conversation about:

What are Waterless products?

What do I benefit from Natural products?

Are Natural products customized according to the skin?

How does the Natural product get the benefits from the medicinal plant?

All these questions and many more to which we answered together.