Nenna Manufactory is the manufacturer of Waterless, 100% Natural cosmeceutical products for skin and hair and edible products supporting health and well-being.

Nenna Manufactory is established and inspired by the Laboratory and R&D Center “Esencial®”.

Now, Esencial® is also the in-house supplier of Nenna Manufactory 100% Natural Raw Material and Laboratory where samples of Nenna Manufactory end products validated and equipped with product documentation.

Nenna Manufactory is the first manufacturer in Albania which produces Waterless cosmeceutical products.

Also, Nenna Manufactory is a manufacturer which protects and validates its product and production processes in compliance with global market standards through international Certifications.

Nenna Manufactory, in its quest to track every step of the production process, receives its 100% Natural raw material from its in-house supplier Esencial®.

Waterless skincare and hair products do not contain water at all.

Usually, water is the ingredient that occupies the largest volume in the majority of skin and hair care products. In these formulations, water carries no benefits for the skin or hair. Instead, it is merely a solvent of other ingredients.

On the other hand, waterless products are richer in active ingredients. Even the ingredient that serves as a solvent in waterless products presents its own active components in the formulation. 

Waterless products are the latest scientific and environmental innovation that benefit wellbeing through enhanced natural mechanisms.

No, not all Waterless products are the same in terms of quality and benefits for skin and hair.

A typical cleansing oil for your face could also be a waterless product.

The qualitative difference lies in the concentration of active compounds found in them.

Today, the most beneficial and qualitative Waterless products are those formulated from CO2 Total Extracts of medicinal plants through SCFE Technology.

Nenna Manufactory formulates its Waterless cosmeceutical products securing the 100% Natural raw material, such as CO2 Total Extracts, from its in-house supplier, Esencial®.

Going from here, Nenna Manufactory formulates its products of the following categories:

  • 100% Natural Botanical Extracts
  • 100% Natural Balms
  • 100% Natural Soap Bar
  • Botanical Infusions (“teas” of the new era)
  • 100% Beeswax candles

The CO2 Total Extract of a plant, usually medicinal plant, ie with direct health benefits, is the product obtained when the full spectrum of all its natural compounds is extracted from the dried plant. This is accomplished by running Food Grade CO2 in liquid state through the unit where the dried plant is contained.

This production technology is known as Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE).

SCFE production technology is an innovative technology which is still practiced by a small number of manufacturers worldwide.

SCFE Technology is most beneficial, both for the environment and for the many industries which are in high demand for SCFE-produced raw material, such as cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, parapharmaceuticals, medical or food industry.

Botanical Extracts are the most direct end product formulated by CO2 Total Extracts.

SCO2 Total Extracts, otherwise known as Oleo-Resins, contain natural plant compounds such as vegetative waxes and their natural oils. This quality predestines the end product to be “Waterless”, since the oleo-resin components naturally rebuff water, being hydrophobic.

This way, a plant’s CO2 Total Extract in Nenna’s oil of choice, Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, also produced by Esencial®, makes the end product, the Botanical Extract of the respective plant.

Nenna Manufactory has engaged to produce 3% Botanical Extracts as its first line of end product, where the CO2 Total Extract of the plants stand in a 3:97 ration to Sweet Almond Oil.

This ratio is considered ambitious and highly efficient for the final product, as Botanical Extracts are usually found in concentrations of 0.1% – 1%.

The Botanical Extracts produced by Nenna Manufactory are all found in 3% concentration.

This practice is at the core of both Nenna’s and Esencial® ‘s production philosophy.

This philosophy focuses on the concept of Sustainability, from production technology to the final product.

With the end byuer in mind, Nenna presented 3% Botanical Extract as a highly versatile product, incorporated easily into everyone’s already-established routine as a all-in-1 product.

Since 3% Botanical Extracts retain well their benefits down to concentrations of 0.1%, this means that:

  • You can add 2-3 drops of Botanical Extracts each time you wash your face with your Face Wash, Cleanser, Scrub etc.
  • You can add 2-3 drops of Botanical Extracts to your daily face cream, sunscreen, serum, etc. to enhance their existing benefits.
  • You can add 2-3 drops of Botanical Extracts as you lather your Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Shampoo, Body Scrub etc.

These combinations reduce the unwanted abrasive properties of these products, increase the cleansing effect on skin or scalp and add to their existing benefits.

  • You can apply 2 drops of Botanical Extract on freshly-washed skin for direct benefits, nourishment and intensive regeneration.
  • You can massage a few drops of Botanical Extract on your temples, neck, behind the ears and earlobes for a relaxing and aromatherapeutic effect.
  • You can massage a few drops of Botanical Extracts on your muscles to soothe localized pain.
  • You can massage a few drops of Botanical Extracts on your joints to help reduce inflammation and soothe pain.
  • You can apply some drops of Botanical Extracts or a mixture of them during your face Yoga session, after working out, going running, swimming etc.

Nenna Manufactory decided to launch its first end products during the first phase of national quarantine due to covid-19 restrictions, an idyllic period for the intensive studies and research at “Esencial®” Laboratory.


To honor the laboratory that inspired the “Nenna Manufactory” project was born, and its direct and reliable producer of raw materials at the same time, the first series of end products was named after Esencial®. 

ISO 9001: 2015 for Good Manufacturing Practices is a standard met by manufacturer that practice their production practices ethically, including but not limited to raw material, human resources, working conditions and environment, documentation, product traceability from raw material to end product, consumer/ end user considerations, environmentally friendly policies, etc.


After several auditing processes with representatives of the Certification body to guarantee compliance with international standards for manufacturers of various industries according to the international organization ISO “International Standardization Organization”, the manufacturer is awarded the  internationally accepted certification of Practice Good Manufacturing Practices with code GMP 9001: 2015.

The manufacturer remains subject to auditing in order to prove its consistent compliance with the said standard.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a certification given for food products.

In our ingestible products, Botanical Infusions, you will find the combined version of HACCP and ISO 9001: 2015 logo.

This level of certification refers directly to consumer safety for the consumption of Food Product is also awarded by the German certification body, TÜV NORD Cert.

HACCP is a management system that ensures consumer safety for food products.

Nenna Manufactory has so far produced a wide range of Botanical Infusions by successfully passing all the critical points in properly producing and safely storing the product.

As the production of food products related to consumer safety requires meticolous and rigorous production practices, Nenna Manufactory is committed to producing, packaging and storing Botanical Infusions according to the HACCP protocol.

HACCP protocol instructs and obliges the producer to perform a series of analyzes, production steps and procedures and to properly manage and prevent biological, chemical and physical hazard points in relation to the final food product.

Nenna Manufactory is in the process of receiving Natrue certification for some of its end products.

This certification, also issued by the certification body TÜV NORD Cert., validates that the product is, in Nenna’s case, 100% Natural.

One of the fundamental requirements to fulfill in order to receive Natrue certification is the traceability of the raw material. This way, the supplier of Nenna’s raw material, Esencial® is also undergoing the certification process.

  • What is Product Traceability System and how do I find this information printed on the product packaging?

The Traceability System allows the following information and more to be known and tracked in relation to the ingredients and product manufacturing processes:

  • Origin
  • Location
  • Supplier
  • date of delivery
  • dates of each production process
  • shifts
  • Relevant technical staff, etc.

For all components and processes up to the final product.

This information is stamped on the Product packaging as the LOT Traceability code.

  • Why should the product byer be interested in the Traceability System?

If a manufacturer produces following a clear and standardized Traceability System, this means that:

  • production practices are ethical, transparent and standardized with those of industrialized countries, regardless of location.
  • The product is manufactured following rigorous steps and tests starting from the raw material.
  • This data is stored and documented for any subsequent situation whenever documentation and test regarding product quality may be required
  • Maximum transparency is maintained with the consumer regarding the product, ingredients, production practices, etc.